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My English teacher in high school had a very distinctive look. She would wear the same white pants every single day, and pair them with lightweight cotton tees in different colors. As far as I can remember Ms. Sylla, that’s what ...
Kate’s is a woman in her 30s who works in advertising. She loves colors but like her look to be casual, elegant. One of her main fashion concern was finding jackets that fit properly her long arms. She learned how to pick style t...
A lot of my clients think that in order to look professional they should look boring, wear dark colors and bring no flair to their business outfits. From women who work for private banking companies, law practices, and media agency or,...
I decided to write about wearing the perfect underwear because 85% of American women are wearing the wrong size!! And since I have started working in Dubai, it appears we have a similar issue here.   Your undergarments are the founda...
  The full skirt - fun and feminine, it’s great cut to balance wide shoulders or create more definition for women who don’t have a define waist but desire to create a hourglass figure.   And, as I'm a fan of colo...
As women, we all know the frustration of staring at a full closet and not being able to figure out an exciting or inspiring outfit. How can someone have a closet full of clothes and good pieces and still feels uninspired and helpless e...