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Inspirational Mom
Inspirational Mom
In this section we introduce to you inspirational moms who have started their own businesses, are active in a volunteer work, or simply because they are great Moms.

Founding Director of Kidz Venture


Education involves more than just classrooms and homework. It is about helping your child learn and grow simultaneously. For a child to perceive the world from his or her own point of view, it’s essential for him to have a learning method that pertains his individual needs and interests. 


Montessori education is a child-centered curriculum that allows children to make their own educational choices based on their interests, thereby encouraging independence from an early age. Mariam Al Kassab, an entrepreneur and mother of two, noticed the need for this curriculum in Dubai and has successfully managed to bring the Montessori style of education to Dubai but with a twist. We caught up with her recently to find out more about this unique curriculum that is incorporated into an edutainment center and a pre-school and what it takes to be an educator and a mother at the same time.


Adapting to changes is something that a mother knows instinctively. Muskan Taurani is one of those mothers who knew when it was time to embrace the change. She had the courage to move forward by leaving behind an elite brand of clothing for curvaceous women to start up a unique children’s play area to keep her professional life active while taking care of her children. It is mompreneurs like these that inspire others to start up their own companies. We recently caught up with Muskan to find out more about her professional experiences and how she came up with the idea of Play-A-Round.

Nadine Chammas Bekhaazi  is a mother of two and the woman behind the foundation and success of Super Dooper, an edutainment centre for parents and children. With her certification in drama and counseling, she aspires to take counseling on a whole new level. She believed that teaching her students to deal with mental blocks that hinder their roads to success by designing plays just for them and through artistic release. It is such mompreneurs that we can draw our inspiration from to work towards being successful entrepreneurs while making a difference in the community. We recently caught up with Nadine to know more about the exemplary services Super Dooper has to offer, how the idea came about, and how she manages her professional and personal lives.

Some stories make the biggest impact on you, they show you the strength and power of human beings. Danielle Wilson Naqvi's story is one of them. Danielle is a founder of a successful PR agency called CS PR Group, she has also started a charity organization with her husband, called the ZB foundation, with the aim to send MS Machines (New Born screening machines) to every hospital in Pakistan so that every new born baby can have a heel prick test. This was one of the most inspirational stories that we have ever heard, learn more about the drastic changes in Danielle's life within the past year. 


Lesley Cully

Mom Souq caught up with Lesley Cully, founder of Buckle Up in the Back, a campaign to ensure car safety, especially for children. Lesley is a mother of two girls, Lydia and Esme, who are 8 years and 5 years old respectively. She is also a contributor to the Mom Souq Experts section. Click here to see her articles on car safety. During this chat, Lesley gives Mom Souq a peak into the life of a mother of two who runs a non-profit organisation, and her struggle to spread the message throughout the community. She delves deeper into the importance of buying the right car seat for your child, and the necessity of wearing seat belts in the back seat of the car.

Nathalie Attar and Suman Manning

We recently caught up with Nathalie Attar and Suman Manning, two amazing moms with twins and triplets! They are also mom-entrepreneurs, Nathalie formed, and Suman is currently managing Twins, Triplets Or More (TTOM) , a support group for families of Multiples in the UAE. Nathalie and Suman, being mothers of twins and triplets respectively, organized an event to celebrate twins, triplets and more of all ages with their families and friends called X2, which took place in Safa Park, March, 2012. We had an interesting chat with the ladies to know more about their busy lives with 3 kids and their unique projects.

Maurine Lombart and Julie Leblan are both moms who have taken the leap and started their own business. In 2011, they set up, The first online gift registry in the UAE. Aside from starting up their own business, in 2012, Maurine and Julie also founded "Women In Network", a women's business group, in partnership with French Business Council. We had a chat with the ladies about their lives as moms and businesswomen.