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The Reggio Approach has developed into a unique program that has caught the attention of early childhood educators worldwide and has gained international repute in the last quarter century.   Kids Cottage Nursery has embraced the ...
  It is an unfortunate truth that our little ones often get sick, and as a parent you have a hard time deciding whether you should send them to nursery/school or not. However, this should not be difficult, as you should check with chi...
Head lice primarily affects preschoolers and elementary school children, and occurs most often in the fall when children go back to school and are in close proximity with each other. You should be contacted by your child’s s...
  An important task in parenting is raising independent and self-motivated children who are able to appropriately use the support of parents and friends as they grow. You can help your child develop a healthy sense of independence...
  It is never too early to teach values to a toddler or preschooler. Of course it is not an easy task as it takes time and effort, but doing so will protect your little one from potentially negative influences and lay the foundati...
  Toilet training is an area of raising toddlers that many parents are often worried about. It’s a messy business that’s unlikely to be mastered overnight so you’ll need to be patient. This article has some tips ...
  As the weather is cooling down in Dubai, families are beginning to spend more time outdoors. Yet some of us still find ourselves taking the kids to the indoor play area at the shopping mall.  We know that finding fun and sa...
  No matter what language you speak or how old your children are, it’s never too early to start reading with them. Some even start reading when their child is still in the womb. Reading to your baby begins to teach him/her t...
Your little one is becoming very curious and seems to enjoy playing with peers. But is he or she ready to start preschool? Are you ready? And just what are the benefits of preschool? For most kids, it's an experience that should not b...
If your child is starting nursery or preschool soon, you may have to supply snacks for them. Most nurseries will want you to send in healthy foods for your children because they provide growing bodies with vitamins and minerals necessa...
What a big day this is for you and your little one! It is an important first step and although it may be daunting at first, being in nursery will eventually help your child become more sociable and not to mention flexible, adaptable an...