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There is no doubt that children love their own special chairs. Their pride of possession and that feeling of having something especially for them shine in their eyes. Sitting in coffee shops and waiting areas one can see how children a...
Most child injuries occur around the home. While there is no replacement for proper adult supervision, there are many strategies that can make your home safer and child friendly. START by crawling around – and see the world as yo...
  If your baby is walking or crawling, it’s time to buy a child safety gate to keep them away from dangerous areas. But how do you decide which gate to buy? Here are some guidelines! Know the Types of Gates   Screw Fitt...
  In our previous blog post (Car Safety Rules) we discussed what a seat belt is, what it does and how to wear it correctly.   We are all by now pretty clear that wearing your seat belt in a vehicle, whether you are the driver...
Many of us grow up with putting on our seat belt in the car as second nature to protect ourselves from injury and to comply with the laws in our home countries. However, in the UAE we find ourselves in a country that has different stan...
Happy October everyone and winter is finally here!  Although we live in the desert, we do get some driving conditions that change from the regular sun, sun and yet more sun.  This week for example, it’s been foggy for a...
Hello! This is the first blog message from Buckle Up In The Back and I hope it finds you well! My name is Lesley Cully and I’m a Dubai based mum of 2 girls Lydia 8 and Esme, 5. Like lots of people, I was fed up of seeing children...